What Is The Best Defuzzer For Sweaters

What Is The Best Defuzzer For Sweaters

August 5, 2022

Having a defuzzer for sweaters on hand can keep your clothes looking great. A little bit of fuzz on your sweater can make it look old and worn out. And, it is not always age that causes fuzz to appear. Sometimes sweaters and other clothing material may get fuzzy and rough looking because it is rubbing against each other or other surfaces and by certain types of washing processes. While you should take the steps to care for your sweater correctly, there will be times when you still have fuzz to deal with. The right defuzzer is one that will take care of this problem without causing damage to the sweater itself.

For a small amount of fuzz, a small, handheld defuzzer can be perfect. It also has the advantage of being portable so that you can take it with you when you travel. You just toss it in a bag or in your purse so that it is handy whenever you notice that you have a little bit of fuzz to deal with. The handheld ones are also lower cost and are typically made of plastic with a metal based blade.

For larger sweater fuzz, you might choose to use a battery operated defuzzer which can be much faster to use. You have to be careful with these so that you do not damage the sweater in the process. These typically have a little collection cup for the fuzz that is removed so there is no messy clean up to deal with. While these are larger than the non-powered models, they are still not huge, so they can travel as well. Just make sure that you have extra batteries with you when you go.

No matter what type of defuzzer you choose, remember that there are certain types of sweaters that they should not be used on. Angora sweaters, which are supposed to be fuzzy, can sometimes have little areas that look matted or flattened. These should be fluffed up by hand or a very gentle combing rather than by using a defuzzer or you can completely ruin the entire thing. Also never use a defuzzer on a sweater that is embellished with sequins or beads of any kind. Snag one of the threads for these beads and you may completely destroy the entire design in one shot.

Keeping your sweaters looking nice and fresh depends on excellent care with gentle laundry detergent, proper storage that prevents rubbing and abrasion and of course, using the right defuzzer for sweaters whenever it is needed.