At least nine missing after Russian military plane crashes into Pacific

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Russian military plane crashed today in the Pacific Ocean. At least nine are missing after the turboprop went down in the Strait of Tartary, which is located in the far east of the country.

The Tupolev Tu-142 maritime reconnaissance/anti-submarine aircraft, which is based on the Tu-95 strategic bomber, was reported by RIA Novosti as carrying “at least nine people” according to an unnamed military source. The BBC asserted that there were eleven on board, but did not attribute the number to anyone.

A Defense Ministry statement said the plane was lost from radar during a training exercise over the strait, which lies between the mainland and Sakhalin. Search and rescue is ongoing for the crew around the reported crash site.

An object that may be the fuselage has been located in water 44 meters (144 feet) deep, according to one report. Russia’s Pacific Fleet has ceased all flights while the accident is investigated.

Apple introduces iPhone and Apple TV

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple Inc. today has introduced the much-anticipated iPhone at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco.

The iPhone is claimed to be “a revolutionary mobile phone” as stated on the Apple website. The device appears to be running a mobile version of the Apple operating system Mac OSX. It is approximately the same size as a 5th generation iPod, it has a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display that is used to access all features of the phone including number dial, as well as making phone calls. The iPhone plays music, movies, displays pictures and is able to connect to a wireless network.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the device by walking onto the stage and taking the iPhone out of his jeans pocket. During his 2 hour speech he stated that “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, We are going to make history today”.

Today Apple also released their Media Center device – Apple TV. It will directly compete with Microsoft’s Media Center operating system. Apple has taken a different approach to the media center market; rather than storing content (such as movies, music and photos) on the device, Apple TV connects to a computer (Mac and Windows) over a wirless network connection and plays all content stored on that computer. This makes it substantially easier for users to organize their media content.

Modern Bathroom Vanities With Minimalist Designs Suit Most Of The Modern Set Up

By Bill L. Robinson

May be you have bought a new house or may be you have decided to remodel your old home; whatever be the case, you just cannot neglect your bathroom. However, if you want a perfect job done, you have hard work ahead of you. Designing a perfect bathroom and choosing the right material is not as easy as you think it is. The functionality of the piece should get as much importance as its beauty.

Not every material is suitable for your bathroom fittings. Although, the showers are generally enclosed, the heat and humidity that may escape can harm the fittings if they are not made from materials that are heat and humidity resistant. This is especially true of bathroom mirrors and vanities. Although modern bathroom vanities are made from materials such as wood, glass, brass, stainless steel and stone, you should keep this in mind while choosing one for your bathroom.

However, before doing that we ought to know what vanities are. In North American terminology, a vanity is a cabinet primarily used in the bathroom to hold the sink and hide the plumbing from general view. It also holds drawers and shelves under the sink for storage purposes. Today, you have beautiful pieces of such articles, some of which can easily be mistaken for bedroom furniture. If you are good in woodwork, you can also turn an unused piece of furniture into a vanity and use it as such.

If for example, you have wooden chest of drawers made from teak, shorea, cedar, and eucalyptus, which you no longer use, you can turn it into a vanity without much effort. Timber from such trees is generally water and heat resistant and therefore they will keep well even in the most adverse condition. All you will have to do is to cut a hole on top of it for the sink and apply some low gloss polyurethane at least three times to protect it from splashing drops of water. On the flip side, you may have to lose the first two drawers, but not entirely. You can always turn them into half-drawers.

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However, most of us need to buy bathroom vanities. Whether you are looking for modern bathroom vanities with contemporary designs or more traditional or antique style, you need to keep the following in mind:

Size of the bathroom

Shape of the bathroom

General dcor of the bathroom

Where in the bathroom you want it to be placed

A large vanity with large storage space is always welcome, but if your bathroom is small, such vanities will definitely be inconvenient. As much as you need storage place, you also need space to put in the commode, shower enclosures and others accessories. There are many small but beautiful vanities. Try them instead. As it is, shopping around is the first requisite of any successful purchase. Do that here too, but instead of going from shop to shop, you can do that over the internet. Many virtual shops offer the vanities at discount prices because they do not have much of an overhead.

Look for modern small bathroom vanities if your bathroom is small and if necessary use bathroom wall cabinets for storage purposes as well. However, too big a cabinet will not look good in a small bathroom and unless you want your bathroom to be cluttered to the extent of being suffocating, you would avoid that. You may not realize it and yet your bathroom must have a pleasant ambience. Otherwise, you will loath to spend much time in there and this may have some adverse effect on your health. You must spend some time there to cleanse yourself, inside and out.

Vanities today range between 18 to 50 in width and therefore it will not be difficult to find the exact size. The shape of the bathroom will determine where the vanity will be located and the design should depend upon that too. Trying to visualize it in the particular location may help. Also, keep in mind the general dcor of the bathroom. If it is rather old-fashioned, modern bathroom vanities with contemporary designs will not suit. In such a case, you will have to opt for ones that are more ornate.

The mirror and the lighting should also go with the overall style. In fact, when it comes to bathroom decoration, or in fact in any kind of decor, you have to have a holistic approach. You just cannot pick up one object and set it up in the midst of others. Therefore, take time to look for the vanities and other bathroom accessories. Choose the one that suits best.

About the Author: Article by Bill Robinson of, a website with the largest selections of

modern bathroom vanities


modern glass vanities

for your household needs.


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Shares worldwide surge due to US government plan

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stock markets around the world, particularly those in the United Kingdom, have increased dramatically today. This is due to the ongoing events in the financial world, including the United States government’s announcement that it would buy billions of dollars of bad loans from US banks.

The primary UK index, the FTSE 100, rose in value by 8.04%, which is 392.50 points, to above the 5000 mark at 5272.50. The Dow Jones, was up 3.10% at 14:58 UTC, an increase of 330.89. The Dow Jones currently has a value of 11350.58 points. The NASDAQ index has risen by 2.53% to 2248.63, while the Dax was 5.06% higher than the start of the day as of 14:58 UTC.

The US Treasury described the government’s bail-out plan in a press release released earlier today. It said that “The U.S. Treasury Department today announced the establishment of a temporary guaranty program for the U.S. money market mutual fund industry. For the next year, the U.S. Treasury will insure the holdings of any publicly offered eligible money market mutual fund – both retail and institutional – that pays a fee to participate in the program.”

Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, explained the government’s reasoning behind its plan. He said that the government was buying bad loans “to restore confidence in our markets and our financial institutions, so they can fuel continued growth and prosperity, we must address the underlying problem.”

President George W. Bush, speaking at a press conference alongside Paulson, said “this is a pivotal moment for America’s economy.”

The government plan is permitted under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, which gives the Treasury the permission “to deal in gold, foreign exchange, and other instruments of credit and securities.”


Wikinews interviews painter Pricasso on his art and freedom of expression

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wikinews interviewed Australian painter Pricasso on his unique artwork created using his penis, and how his art relates to freedom of expression and issues of censorship. He is to be featured at the upcoming adult entertainment event Sexpo Australia in Melbourne this November 5 to November 8.

Ziff Davis sells 1UP to UGO Networks/Hearst, closes Electronic Gaming Monthly

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronic Gaming Monthly is now dead. EGM was one issue away from its 20th anniversary in February 2009. An internal email leaked to industry website Gamasutra on Tuesday revealed that EGM was to be closed following the acquisition of the online element of the 1UP network by competitor Hearst Corporation‘s UGO Entertainment and that the January 2009 issue (with Wolverine on the cover) would be the final printed issue of the iconic magazine. Ziff Davis‘s sale, brokered by GCA Savvian Advisors also includes,, and Hearst Interactive is the owner and operator of UGO Entertainment.

According to CEO Jason Young, the court proceedings help Ziff Davis “pay down debt and shift our full focus to our core PCMag Digital Network Business.” Davis had been focusing on PCMag Digital Network. As a result, around 30 employees of Ziff Davis’ Game Group, including EGM Magazine’s staff, 1UP Network’s web staff, podcast and video producers lost their jobs. A UGO spokesman explained that “the reality is that UGO Entertainment is saving over 25 jobs, the company is retaining a core group of editorial all-star performers.” Ziff Davis Holdings Inc (ZFDH.PK), which publishes EGM and about 15 Web sites, obtained Manhattan, New York Court Judge Burton Lifland’s approval of a reorganization plan under Chapter 11, Title 11, United States Code. It was able, therefore, to emerge from its duly filed March bankruptcy protection petition.

UGO Entertainment CEO J Moses left a note on EGM’s gaming legacy, saying, “since we started UGO 11 years ago, we have served the gamer community and built a world-class online publishing platform.” Ziff Davis Media CEO Jason Young further noted: “We believe this is a smart transaction for Ziff Davis Media that places these market leading assets and teams in a great environment poised for further success. The transaction allows us to pay down debt and shift our full focus to our core PCMag Digital Network business. We thank our 1UP team members for their contributions and wish them the best of success into the future.” In July 2007, Hearst acquired the 11-year-old UGO Networks (Hearst Interactive) for an estimated price of $100 million. Established in 1998 by CEO J Moses, UGO is an online site targeting men aged 18 to 34.

J Moses stated categorically that his company just saved 1UP and UGO never tried to acquire EGM. “Closing EGM has absolutely nothing to do with UGO. We have just hired 24 people and have expanded UGO by 33 percent, because our business is robust and growing. We only wanted to buy 1UP and related sites. That was our interest as a dot-com company and that’s all we’ve ever been for 11 years.” Sam Kennedy, editorial director of 1UP, further explained that Ziff Davis was insolvent and 1UP was not financially healthy. “The reality of the market was that no company, including UGO, was willing to sustain 1UP as it was so the cuts were very painful but necessary to the survival of 1UP,” he added.

Electronic Gaming Monthly, which has been synonymous to video games for generations of gamers, was an American consumer video game magazine mainstay. It was published by Ziff Davis as part of the 1UP Network and released 12 issues a year (and an occasional extra “13th” issue for the Christmas season, also known as the “Smarch” issue, a reference to an episode of The Simpsons). As ZD’s sole print magazine, EGM, a stalwart of the videogame industry and dubbed the New York Times of games journalism, has been losing money. The 20-year-old publication had 236 issues total, since its debut in 1989.

In 2008, the company closed 27-year Games for Windows Magazine, or Computer Gaming World. In late 2006, Ziff-Davis also shuttered its Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, while its Xbox-focused XBN and Electronics Boutique in-store mag GMR were terminated in 2004. EGM’s February issue, which is completed, will only be available digitally. Print publications have been suffering for years now, due to the global economic meltdown.

Moldovan wines win three medals at contest in Bordeaux

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moldovan wine producers took three silver medals at the third annual international contest of wine tasting and judging of strong alcoholic beverages, the “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2008”. This year the event was held in Bordeaux, France. Previously, the event was held in Portugal and in Maastricht in 2007 and will held in Spain next year.

Moldovan wine makers participated with 12 types of wine. The medals went to the wines produced by the stock company Acorex Wine Holding, Amaro de la Valea Perjei 2003, Pinot Grigio/ Aligote/ Sauvignon Blanc 2005 and Pinot Noir 2005, with the last two being from the Private reserve series.

Last year’s fourteenth edition of the contest, held in the Netherlands in 2007, Moldovan wines won three gold medals and three silver ones.

Taliban in Pakistan captures convoy bound for NATO troops

Thursday, November 13, 2008

On Monday, the Pakistan branch of the Taliban captured a supply convoy of thirteen trucks and two armored Humvees bound for NATO troops, without incurring a single fatality. They made off with millions of dollars worth of sophisticated military equipment, according to The Washington Post.

Approximately 60 masked militants belonging to Tehrik-i-Taliban blocked off part of a roadway in the Khyber Pass. The Taliban forces overran the Pakistani security forces, who were moving the shipment to an American military base, and briefly took the truck drivers prisoner. Although gunfire was exchanged, there were no casualties on either side. After releasing the drivers, the militants opened several captured cargo containers of wheat, distributing most of it to local residents.

The attack, which took place in the North-West Frontier Province, occurred several miles outside the border town of Jamrud. It was celebrated by the victorious fighters who photographed themselves with the captured equipment.

Pakistan’s federal government, which has recently stepped up efforts to contain the lawless tribal province, dispatched helicopters and 500 troops to try and track the hijacked convoy. One local child was killed, and four civilians wounded, by the gunships. The Taliban fighters were reported to have abandoned an American Jeep and one of the Humvees along the road, which were subsequently taken back into possession by Pakistani troops.

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn published a scathing editorial attacking the army’s incompetence and heavy-handed response to the embarrassing loss, referring to the attack as disturbing “both for its audacity and possible implications.”

University of Calgary scientist Keith cracks carbon capture conundrum

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A University of Calgary research team developed a new method for extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air — a fundamental shift in carbon capture technology enabling capture of the most common greenhouse gas from so-called diffuse sources like aircraft, trucks and automobiles that represent half of the greenhouse gases emitted globally.

Professor David Keith, Director of University of Calgary’s (UofC) Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) and a team of researchers from UofC’s Energy and Environmental Systems Group built and operated a prototype system this summer producing results that compared favourably with commercial carbon capture systems. Two ‘provisional’ patents have been filed on the technology but Keith warns there are still “many pitfalls along the path to commercialization.”

Using a process adapted from the pulp-and-paper industry that halves the cost of CO2 air capture in their custom-built tower, Professor Keith and his team captured the equivalent of about 20 tonnes per year of CO2 (approximately equal to the yearly output of one person in North America) directly from the air with less than 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity per tonne of carbon dioxide on a single square metre of scrubbing material.

“This means that if you used electricity from a coal-fired power plant, for every unit of electricity you used to operate the capture machine, you’d be capturing 10 times as much CO2 as the power plant emitted making that much electricity,” explains Professor Keith.

A report co-authored by Keith in the American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology explains “nearly all current research on carbon capture and storage (CCS) focuses on capturing CO2 from large, stationary sources such as power plants. Such plans usually entail separating CO2 from flue gas, compressing it, and transporting it via pipeline to be [stored] underground.”

Should North American governments invest in bringing this technology to market?
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Using CO2 air capture technology, “a company could, in principle, contract with an oil sands plant near Fort McMurray to remove CO2 from the air and could build its air capture plant wherever it’s cheapest — China, for example — and the same amount of CO2 would be removed,” says Professor Keith in a UofC press release.

“While it’s important to get started doing things we know how to do, like wind power, nuclear power, and ‘regular’ carbon capture and storage,” Professor Keith continues, “it’s also vital to start thinking about radical new ideas and approaches to solving this problem.”

ISEEE’s Executive Director David Layzell points out that “energy-efficient and cost-effective air capture could play a valuable role in complementing other approaches for reducing emissions from the transportation sector, such as biofuels or electric vehicles.”

Bus crash in Victoria, Australia injures twenty, some critical

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A bus crash in Victoria, Australia has injured at least 20 people, two of whom are listed as critical. One victim is reported to be still trapped in the wreckage.

The accident occurred between a bus and a semi-trailer on the Princes Highway in the Traralgon area around 10:50am AEST. The La Trobe Valley Busliner bus was traveling east when it collided with the back of a heavy haulage truck.

Those critically injured are being airlifted to a hospital in Melbourne. Others are being transported by Ambulance to La Trobe Valley Hospital in Traralgon.

SES crews are on scene, along with St. John Ambulance and fire crews.

The eastbound lanes of the highway have been blocked by police and traffic is being diverted.