Million Dollar Homepage is close to achieving million-dollar goal

Friday, December 30, 2005

Alex Tew, a student in England, has almost reached his target of one million dollars on his website: Million Dollar Homepage. He came up with the idea after jotting down ideas before he went to bed on how to become a millionaire before he went to university. Then he came up with the million-dollar idea: selling pixels at USD $1 each on a web page. Alex currently believes he can make his goal by the end of 31st December, 2005.

Advertising companies especially appreciate the website, as they wish to “make Internet history” on the Million Dollar Homepage. In fact as of writing, he has already made USD $999,000. The student says advertisers get to keep their ads for a period of five years from purchase and he says he will use the money he has made to guarantee it. Alex has said he has already got numerous job offers from companies aiming to secure his money making talent.

Tew is undergoing a business management course at Nottingham and needed GBP £7000 a year to complete his studies. He is understandably overwhelmed by the success he has achieved: “It’s just nuts. I’m in a state of disbelief. It’s like Monopoly money but then I look at my bank account and there’s a lot of cash in it.” The British National Union of Students claim that 90% of students are in debt. However, what only worries him is how he’s going to spend his money. He has already spent some of his money on a car for himself, as he thinks of what to do with his new fortune.

His website’s method is simple; his website is made up of one page divided into 10,000 boxes, each 100 pixels in size. Companies can buy one or more boxes for USD $100 each and cover it with a logo, which, when clicked on, transports web users to the customers’ own site.The figures add up with the site now carrying over 240 advertisements and has 30,000 hits a day. Even the actor Jack Black, star of “School of Rock” and “Shallow Hal“, is using the site to advertise his band Tenacious D.

Prince William marries Kate Middleton—live updates

Yahoo chooses Dublin as location of new European Headquarters

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dublin – Yahoo!, the internet portal, today announced it has chosen Dublin, Ireland as the location of its European Headquarters. Ireland beat off stiff competition from other European countries to win the investment. The move is expected to create over 400 jobs – two thirds of which are expected to be for graduates with skills in information technology, financial services, customer support and website editorial.

Earlier in the month, Ireland lost a potentially multi-billion euro investment by Dell for a new manufacturing facility to Scotland. This was a huge disappointment for IDA Ireland – the countries main development agency – which had offered heavy incentives to the US computer maker. This brought about fears that Ireland had lost its ability to attract high-value investments from foreign multinationals – the driving force of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger economy.

Speaking about the investment, the Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin, said winning the Yahoo project was a “truly outstanding achievement for Ireland”. Yahoo’s Senior Vice President International, John Marcom, said the decision to locate its European operations headquarters in Ireland was influenced by a “number of factors” which included “the calibre and volume of graduates available in Ireland, the up to date cost competitive telecommunications and data centre infrastructure, and the assistance of IDA Ireland.”

Yahoo is one of the world’s largest internet companies. Its decision to locate in Ireland confirms Dublin’s continued attractiveness to internet and technology companies – Google, Bell Labs, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle all have significant Irish operations.


Police report drug haul seizure worth up to £30 million in Brownhills, England

Monday, December 2, 2013

Police in the West Midlands in England today said nearly 200 kilograms worth of drugs with value possibly as great as £30 million (about US$49 million or €36 million) has been seized from a unit in the town of Brownhills. In what an officer described as “one of the largest [seizures] in the force’s 39 year history”, West Midlands Police reported recovering six big cellophane-wrapped cardboard boxes containing cannabis, cocaine, and MDMA (“ecstasy”) in a police raid operation on the Maybrook Industrial Estate in the town on Wednesday.

The impact this seizure will have on drug dealing in the region and the UK as a whole cannot be underestimated

The seized boxes, which had been loaded onto five freight pallets, contained 120 one-kilogram bags of cannabis, 50 one-kilogram bags of MDMA, and five one-kilogram bricks of cocaine. In a press release, West Midlands Police described what happened after officers found the drugs as they were being unloaded in the operation. “When officers opened the boxes they discovered a deep layer of protective foam chips beneath which the drugs were carefully layered”, the force said. “All the drugs were wrapped in thick plastic bags taped closed with the cannabis vacuum packed to prevent its distinctive pungent aroma from drawing unwanted attention.” Police moved the drugs via forklift truck to a flatbed lorry to remove them.

Detective Sergeant Carl Russell of West Midlands Police’s Force CID said the seizure was the largest he had ever made in the 24 years he has been in West Midlands Police and one of the biggest seizures the force has made since its formation in 1974. “The impact this seizure will have on drug dealing in the region and the UK as a whole cannot be underestimated”, he said. “The drugs had almost certainly been packed to order ready for shipping within Britain but possibly even further afield. Our operation will have a national effect and we are working closely with a range of law enforcement agencies to identify those involved in this crime at whatever level.”

Expert testing on the drugs is ongoing. Estimates described as “conservative” suggest the value of the drugs amounts to £10 million (about US$16.4 million or €12 million), although they could be worth as much as £30 million, subject to purity tests, police said.

Police arrested three men at the unit on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug. The men, a 50-year-old from Brownhills, a 51-year-old from the Norton area of Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, and one aged 53 from Brownhills, have been released on bail as police investigations to “hunt those responsible” continue. West Midlands Police told Wikinews no person has yet been charged in connection with the seizure. Supplying a controlled drug is an imprisonable offence in England, although length of jail sentences vary according to the class and quantity of drugs and the significance of offenders’ roles in committing the crime.

Che Guevara’s ”Motorcycle Diaries” companion dies

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Alberto Granado Jiménez, the Argentinian biochemist who was Che Guevara’s companion on his transformative motorcycle trip through South America, died in Havana on Saturday, reported Cuban state television. He was 88 and died of natural causes.

The politically active Jiménez met Ernesto “Che” Guevara, then a medical student, in Hernando, Argentina where Guevara had gone to play rugby. Both were intellectually curious and interested in exploration. In 1951 they set out on an eight-month motorcycle trip through South American that exposed them to the poverty in which most South Americans lived. The pair worked in a leprosy colony and met wtih destitute miners and indigenous people. Both men kept diaries which served as the basis for the 2004 film, The Motorcycle Diaries, produced by Robert Redford and directed by Walter Salles.

According to the Guardian, “Their road trip awoke in Guevara a social consciousness and political convictions that would turn him into one of the iconic revolutionaries of the 20th century.” The trip is widely believed to have inspired Guevara to go to Cuba and join Fidel Castro in his 1959 revolt against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.

By the time the two men met again eight years later, Guevara was a revolutionary hero and chief of Cuba’s central bank. Jiménez, who had remained in Argentina working in a clinic, accepted Guevara’s invitation to move to Cuba in 1961 and founded a medical facility in Santiago. Later he moved to Havana where he continued his medical work. The two remained friends although they did not always agree. Jiménez rejected Guevara’s belief that social reform in Latin America had to be accomplished through guerrilla warfare.

The book The Motorcycle Diaries was published in the 1990’s. Jiménez said of the book that it inspired the image of the young Che as a romantic figure.

Jiménez authored the book Traveling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary, published in 2003.

Legal Requirements &Amp; Resources For Scrapping A Car In The Uk

By Richard Hall

There are many ways in which to scrap a vehicle that is no longer need. You can dismantle them at home or even organise a car scrapping party. Alternatively, you could take your car to the local scrap yard. You may have to pay for the disposal of car parts, but most importantly, you will need to make sure that your chosen scrap yard is a registered one. Nobody wants to pay for a car to be scrapped and then to find it has just been dumped on the streets.

Other options include calling your local council and arranging for them to pick up your car. They usually do this for free or for a relatively small charge. Yet they are said to be inundated with calls and are likely to forward your query (not even your vehicle yet) to a scrap car dealer or salvage yard.

However, you are now legally required to depollute your car as a part of dismantling it. This is not just another attempt to go green; you will need the documentary proof that you scrapped your car in the environment-friendly way. The de-pollution process is performed with specialist equipment and involves removing electrical sources and draining hazardous chemicals, and that is BEFORE you even get to removing tyres and usable parts. Your car disposal site needs to have all the resources necessary to undertake the legally required action on your car. As a result, both environment and your conscience are clean, your V5 log book is processed, and a Certificate of Destruction is issued. This document is vitally important as the proof that your car was dismantled in accordance with legal and environmental requirements. Without proper de-registration the last owner will still be liable for their car under both new and continuous legislation.

YouTube Preview Image

So, you need an expert dealer. The good news is that if you live in Bolton you can arrange a meeting with the reputable scrap car dealer directly, as in the case of Metro Salvage. Metro Salvage is the largest local vehicle dismantler, and they not only collect your car free of charge, but also pay in cash for scrap. They also resell the used car parts. The company was featured in the national press and prides itself on improving the Earth’s atmosphere by professionally depolluting the ‘End-of-Life’ vehicles.

If you live in the Anglian region, The Environment Agency gives you a public register list of Authorised Treatment Facilities for a vehicle depollution. For more information about the ‘End-of-Life’ vehicles and the legal requirements for scrapping your car, visit The Environment Agency. If you are a small business reading this article, check the NetRegs’s Environmental Guidance for small businesses. And to keep updated about the news and regulations for waste management, visit the Recycling and Waste section of the DEFRA website.

As you can see most scrap yards work hard to scrap your vehicles in the right way. Yards, in most cases, not only offer cash for your old cars but try and protect the environment. It’s important that vehicle owners do the same and do not just abandon old vehicles. This can cause problems for both the vehicle owner and the council.

About the Author: Richard Hall – Writing on behalf of Metro Salvage, the car disposal and used engines specialists.


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Van Canto’s Stefan Schmidt on a capella metal, Wacken, Nightwish, piracy & more

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

“Five singers, one drummer. No guitars, no bass, no keyboards but nevertheless an unbelievable melodic metal experience.”

That’s how the official website of van Canto describes the band. Hailing from Germany, van Canto are what is called an a capella metal band, the pioneers of this new genre.

The band released their debut, A Storm to Come, in December 2006. Exactly a year later, van Canto announced a global signing to Gun Records/Sony BMG, and their debut was released worldwide on December 14.

Van Canto are now experiencing considerable success. They recently provided support for Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish, as well as receiving a slot at the internationally famous Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. The prestigious event sees them sharing the bill with acts such as Hatebreed, Sonata Arctica, As I Lay Dying, Soilwork, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Lordi and headline act Iron Maiden.

Van Canto’s second album will be recorded across this month and next, with famed producer Charlie Bauerfeind, although no release date has yet been confirmed.

In light of recent events, van Canto member and founder Stefan Schmidt has given the band’s first interview in English, all previous interviews being in German or Italian. Wikinews now exclusively brings you that interview below.


  • 1 Interview
    • 1.1 On the early days
    • 1.2 On the new album
    • 1.3 On Wacken Open Air
    • 1.4 On the future of metal

Should You Start Using Wrinkle Remover Cream?

By Sean Saunders

The role of a wrinkle remover cream is to sooth and smooth the skin, while tightening and strengthening it at the same time. Wrinkles are a product of weak, unattended skin, which means the sooner you take action in repairing your skin, the sooner those wrinkles & fine lines will start to diminish.

Expectations Of Using Wrinkle Remover Cream

If you expect an anti-wrinkle cream to wash away all of your wrinkles and fine lines within seconds, you will be severely disappointed when results aren’t achieved that quickly. In fact, the disappointment may be so much that you might give up on wrinkle creams altogether, thereby causing you to take more extreme wrinkle treatment measures, such as botox and/or other cosmetic procedures.

If you give up on wrinkle creams to quickly, you’re likely to end up wasting thousands of dollars on “would-be” treatments that’ll provide minimal results — when all along, you could have just been patient and reduced your wrinkles for less than a hundred dollars! It may sound somewhat far-fetched, but you’d be truly surprised to know the amount of people that give up on this type of treatment after only trying 2-3 different wrinkle remover creams.

YouTube Preview Image

When using an anti-wrinkle cream, be realistic with your expectations. Don’t expect to look like a super model after a week of use, and don’t think that you’ll look 20 years younger because it “says so” on the box. Yes, you’ll look younger and have smoother skin, but it won’t usually happen in a day; so keep that in mind.

As far as wrinkle remover creams are concerned, give each one you try about 2 months. Most anti-wrinkle creams should reduce wrinkles & fine lines substantially within 2 months time — but if the cream doesn’t, kick it to the curb and start again with a new product.

Wrinkle Remover Creams You Should Try

1. Although earlier you read about how wrinkle creams won’t provide instantaneous results, there is one type of wrinkle cream that does, or nearly does anyway — it’s called iced anti wrinkle cream. This wrinkle cream can actually achieve noticeable results for you within just 10-20 minutes. Admittedly, the results aren’t everlasting (typically 24-48 hours), but they are good enough for a quick fix when going out. The cream works by freezing the nerves in the facial muscles, which thereby allows the skin to relax & smooth itself out; plus, the ingredients in the cream also prevent muscles from contracting further. When a muscle contracts, a wrinkle is formed; so, if you prevent the contraction, you in turn prevent the wrinkle from appearing.

2. Anti aging wrinkle cream is great for any wrinkle sufferer, as it can significantly boost a person’s collagen levels. Increased collagen means more elasticity and resiliency for the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles & fine lines. It’s important to note that collagen is lost as your body ages, meaning you will need to regularly use anti aging wrinkle cream if you intend to replenish your body’s natural collagen “reserves”.

Wrinkle removal isn’t as difficult as some believe it to be. Yes, it takes a bit of work and understanding, but anything worth having — or in this case, worth not having — is worth working for. With that being said, do yourself a favor and consider using a wrinkle remover cream on a regular basis.

About the Author: For More Detailed Information About

Wrinkle Remover Cream

, Try Visiting

, One Of The Most Popular & Informative Wrinkle Cream Websites On The Web.


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Indian Supreme Court issues notice to government over quota issue

Monday, May 29, 2006A vacation bench of the Indian Supreme Court comprising Justices Arijit Pasayat and L.S Panta issued a notice to the Central Government questioning the basis for the government’s decision to reserve 27% of the seats in universities for members of the Other Backward Class group of castes. The notice also asked the government to explain how this move would be implemented without depriving meritorious students from the “forward” castes their fair chance at securing seats. The court also wanted the Centre to explain the basis on which castes would be classified as “backward” or “forward”.

The government has been granted eight weeks time by the Bench to file an affidavit in regard to this notice. The apex court also said that it would examine the effects of this policy, which, the petitioner said, would divide the country on the basis of caste thereby threatening India’s integrity. The Bench said that the questions posed to it had serious social and political significance and would hence be dealt with appropriately. The two petitions were filed by Shiv Khera and advocate Ashok Kumar Thakur. Additional Solicitor General Gopal Subramianam, who was representing the respondents, accepted the notice and appreciated the Court’s view that striking medical students should return to work in the interest of the patients.

The medical students welcomed this move and have decided to start running parallel outpatient clinics from tomorrow onwards. They have however clarified that their movement will continue despite the government’s assurances that the number of seats in institutes will be increased. The main opposition party, the BJP has said that it supports the reservation policy, but that financially disadvantaged students from the “forward” castes should also be given consideration.