Anti-Scientology protest material removed from YouTube following threats of legal action

Monday, September 29, 2008

The video sharing website YouTube has removed several anti-Scientology videos following threats of legal action. Wikinews found that at least 11 videos have been removed from the site following Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices served on YouTube by Dr. Oliver Schaper, Scientologist and self-described advocate of the Church of Scientology’s rights to free speech. Schaper, in an interview with Wikinews reporter Jason Safoutin, denied involvement in a previous run of DMCA requests involving similar video material. However, the videos in question bear a message that Schaper was the originator of the request.

According to YouTube the 11 videos were removed by direct DMCA requests from Schaper. The videos have been reported to be of anti-Scientology protests, recorded by various members of the group Anonymous.

In early September, an entity named American Rights Counsel LLC — which has described itself as a ‘rights group’, but without provision of contact details — requested the removal from YouTube of over 4,000 anti-Scientology videos. Many of these videos consisted entirely of self-made content by anti-Scientology protesters; others were quite explicitly extracts from official Church of Scientology footage. Users had initially speculated that Schaper was responsible for these requests; no evidence, however, has been obtained to this effect, nor has official comment been obtained from American Rights Counsel.

When comment was requested further to these earlier removal requests, Schaper stated that he was a “… very strong advocate for the Church of Scientology, the religion of Scientology and a free speech advocate.” Schaper alleged that he had “…to this date no information about the American Rights Counsel” and “no connection, knowledge or involvement in this company [American Rights Counsel]”.

Wikinews contacted Schaper to find out why he made the new requests. According to him, the videos were not of protests against Scientology, but instead were videos of alleged hate-crimes and hate-speech, which were allegedly attacking Schaper personally.

“None of the videos are accounts of any protests. The videos in question have been produced by an YouTube (U.K.) user to directly attack me and my companies. I made the requests in accordance with YouTube’s terms and condition, after confirming directly with YouTube and the local ECTF office in Los Angeles, to remove material that infringes on my copyright. None of the videos removed by YouTube fall under the fair use guidelines or can be considered news-worthy. The content of the videos has been classified by law-enforcement as hate-speech and frivolous attack. The producers of these videos are based in the U.K. and local law-enforcement has been contacted by the FBI,” said Schaper to Wikinews.

When Wikinews asked Schaper if he was acting on behalf of the Church, Schaper denied any such involvement. He also stated that he was not attempting to remove videos critical of him, or the Church, but also emphasizes other videos still on YouTube that are “a personal attack against me and my beliefs.”

“Despite the fact that I am a Scientologist, none of the videos removed, where[sic] removed on behalf of the Church of Scientology or any organization associated with the church. In addition I like to point out that I have not removed any video, critical of me personally which does not violate my copyrights and I have no intention to do so,” said Schaper.

In addition, Wikinews invited Dr. Schaper to comment on the apparent discrepancy between his actions and his advocacy of free speech. Dr. Schaper feels that that the two stated aims are not in conflict, stating, “I believe the First Amendment but I also see how Anonymous tries to abuse these liberties. Not everything is protected under the free speech clause and laws have been enacted to protect each citizen from abuse.”

Schaper also stated that Anonymous is “breaking the law” by uploading material to YouTube which could be considered hate crimes. He also states that he would not mind a one-on-one conversation with some members of Anonymous, but “these guys don’t have the balls for a direct sit-down because they should get their facts straight.”

“Anonymous is overstating a case and claims that their abuse and online bullying would be protected under the First Amendment forgetting the fact that they indeed are breaking the laws,” added Schaper.

Schaper does not plan on enforcing the Church’s copyrights saying, “they can handle their own content” and that he “will continue to enforce my copyrights and seek full prosecution in cooperation with federal law-enforcement.”

Wikinews has contacted YouTube for a statement regarding this incident, but has yet to receive a response.

Things To Know About Your Diabetes

By Safron Jeen

Diabetes is one of the occult diseases which needs widespread awareness among people. It must be diagnosed as early as possible, especially in persons who have a family history of diabetes, are obese, in women who have given birth to overweight/ stillborn/ abnormal babies, and/or have elevated blood sugar, or pass sugar in urine during the period of pregnancy. Such persons are called prediabetics. An effective control of the disease is of vital importance so that prediabetics do not become diabetics and those who are suffering from diabetes are able to keep their blood sugar levels normal.

The only way to detect the problem is to. check the blood sugar levels of all persons irrespective of their age. The reasons being that the duration of diabetes has a cumulative effect, adding to the complications of the disease later. An early detection helps control the disease immediately, and various complications can be prevented or reversed through timely detection and treatment.

Since the disease has no symptoms in the beginning, as in the case of hypertension, and in many other diseases, mass surveys of the population, for checking blood sugar levels, are of the utmost importance for diagnosing it in time.

YouTube Preview Image

This holds true in other parts of the world as well. Diabetes is a world-wide problem, and the author is reminded of an incident while he was in New York in 1982. He noted a crowd at a public place/crossing where blood sugar levels of all passersby were being checked with the help of a tiny blood glucose meter. It can be successfully applied in mass checking, for quick results. The author also conducted similar check-ups, by holding medical camps for early detection of diabetes, hypertension, various cancers, etc. and recommends that such camps are organized by various physicians/voluntary organizations/institutes so as to curb the menace right at the beginning.

A fasting, and preferably postprandial, i.e. 2 hours after meals called 2-hour postprandial glucose test, is required for finding out hidden cases of diabetes. The results of blood sugar estimation are required to be interpreted by the biochemist/ physician as these are likely to differ depending upon the sample of the blood used for the test, i.e., whether venous whole blood, capillary whole blood (finger prick blood) or venous plasma, has been used. Similarly, the results are bound to differ with the method/kit applied for the test.

However, one simple way would be that if a sample of urine, taken two hours after meals (the person should be advised to evacuate/empty the urinary bladder before taking meals to avoid the mixing of previously collected urine with the urine which is stored within two hours after taking the food), shows the presence of sugar, it is a good indication that the blood must be tested for establishing a diagnosis of diabetes.

A strip may be used for immediate testing of sugar in urine. It is a small strip, the end of which is coated with testing material. The coated end is dipped in urine which gives instantaneous reading of the changed color. One may even just wet the end of this strip while passing urine. Care should be taken that the reagent on the strip is not washed away with the force of the stream of urine. The last drops of urine should be enough for just wetting the reagent part of the strip. Such strips are readily available with different names like Diastix, etc. The detailed instructions are provided for the ready reference of people.

There is another method for testing urine for sugar which needs to be interpreted carefully for early detection of cases of diabetes. In this test, in a 5 ml of Benedict’s reagent 8 drops of urine are added in a test tube. The tube is put on a flame to boiling point. The normal color of the solution is light blue. Any change in color of the solution is noted. It may be green, greenish-yellow, yellowish-red, red, depending upon the level of blood sugar/severity of the disease. It is mild when the color is green. It may be cautioned that this green color may also appear when the patient is taking drugs like aspirin, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, etc. However, a blood sugar estimation will clear the diagnosis of diabetes.

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‘Bright’ idea lights its way to win NASA contest

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

NASA Tech Briefs INSIDER newsletter 02/05/08 reports that the winner of the $20,000 first prize in the agency’s “Create the Future” contest is an invention called “Litroenergy”, the luminous output of micro particle “Litrospheres.” Their self-luminance reportedly endures for over 12 years. The spheres are inexpensive, making them useful in many ways. The emitted light is said to be equivalent to a 40 watt bulb, sufficient for reading.

The invention is reported to safely encapsulate a small quantity of electron-emitting tritium with light emitting phosphors inside a robust microscopic sphere. Mixed into paints, plastic films or adhesive tape the spheres can be applied to surfaces for under a dollar per square foot. The maker suggests they will find first use in safety applications such as exit signage and aircraft corridor marking.

Hotel Rwanda hero tours USA

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Paul Rusesabagina, the real-life hero portrayed in the film “Hotel Rwanda”, visited Atlanta, Ga. and Washington, D.C. this week to address American students and business leaders at schools and conferences centers. His appearances coincide with World Refugee Day events in Washington.

At Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in the Falls Church section of Fairfax County, he spoke to elementary school students who had learned about his accomplishments in the weeks prior to his appearance.

“I thought I was doing the right thing,” Rusesabagina said. “You also should do the right thing.” He explained the situation he faced in simple terms. “There were bad people and good people. The good people came to hide in my hotel, I had to give them food. I had to give them shelter and keep away the bad people for two and a half months.” When asked if he was scared, he responded “No, fortunately I did not have time to be scared. I did not know that what I was doing was different. I thought other people were doing it.”

In Atlanta, speaking with business leaders, he focused on the present and future.

“What is going on in Darfur is exactly what had been going on in Rwanda, the government is killing its own citizens.” He encouraged business leaders to bring money into Africa but made it clear that Africa was in need of more than just business interest. “What Africans need as a whole is not only someone who will come and pay their education, but it is also to change the systems in Africa. To help us to change, to find lasting solutions. Africa is ruled by dictators. And those dictators should know that one day they also can be brought to justice,” emphasizing the idea that Africa needed a political revamping to stabilize.

What Is The Best Industrial Mixer For Feed And Fertilizer Products?


Are you in the feed or fertilizer business? Maybe you run milling or cement applications. Mixing could be a huge part of your business, and when you need equipment, it’s important to choose the best industrial mixer. Here is a look at some of your choices you have today.

Ribbon Mixers

A ribbon type industrial mixer is used when you want an even blending of mixtures. Inside the unit is a shaft with circular type mixing blades in a double helix configuration. As the shaft turns it mixes the material in two different directions at the same time. This makes it very efficient, and mixing does not have to occur at high speeds.

A double ribbon agitator mixer is one of the preferred types in the industry today. In fact, this type of mixer can completely mix materials like poultry and hog feed in about 3 minutes time. Quality ribbon mixers can be ordered with gear or chain drives and scales. Also, if you are mixing liquid fat, special ribbon mixers are available to handle the job.

Paddle Mixers

When you need a highly versatile industrial mixer, you might want to consider a paddle agitator mixer. For example, you may have the need to blend livestock feed with molasses, and a paddle mixer can handle mixtures as high as twenty percent molasses. In this way, your product can be placed in bags immediately after mixing.

A paddle mixer contains a central shaft with blades shaped like paddles. The most effective mixers utilize paddles with “T” shaped heads that conform to the interior. This creates a thorough mixing, and will work well for many types of grain and roughage. However, the best materials for paddle mixing are feed products for:

* Horses* Sheep* Dairy* Cattle

Super Duty

Do you need to handle materials with a high bulk density? Consider something made especially for the job, like a super duty industrial mixer. This is especially important if you are handling concentrates and premix materials, as the density averages around 65 lbs per cubic foot. Super duty mixers can handle material as heavy as 70 lbs per cubic foot, and you can choose stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.


No matter what your needs, you can find the right industrial mixer when you go with a trusted source in the business. They can provide you with standard duty, heavy duty, and super duty units. Plus, if your needs are portable, trailer mounted industrial mixers are also available.

U.S. Supreme Court eases government ability to seize property

Friday, June 24, 2005

In a major decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has expanded the right of government to seize private property for public good by allowing the city of New London, Connecticut to invoke eminent domain and seize homeowners’ property for economic development reasons.

In a closely-divided decision, 5–4, the court determined that the city’s economic development plan constituted a “public use”, and therefore qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s fifth amendment’s Eminent Domain clause.

Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the majority decision, and was joined by Justices David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer and Anthony Kennedy. “Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted function of government,” Stevens wrote, and justified the decision further by saying municipal authorities are better positioned to make decisions regarding a community’s best interests than judges.

Writing the dissenting opinion, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor rejected the economic justification as a public use, pointing out that wealthy individuals are more capable of defending themselves and so are less at risk. But the greatest issue was the likelihood of abuse of eminent domain:

“The specter of condemnation hangs over all property. Nothing is to prevent the state from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall or any farm with a factory.” A separate dissent was also included written by Justice Clarence Thomas.

Three Powerful Ideas For Learning To Be A Transformational Holistic And/Or Spiritual Coach

Submitted by: Jane Mountrose

Thinking of becoming a Spiritual and Holistic Coach?

Are you preparing to assist others to make amazing changes in their lives?

If this is a profession you want to pursue, rest assured that this can be just about the most fulfilling of all pursuits. It provides opportunities to help others to tranform their lives, while helping you to learn and grow yourself.

As a holistic spiritual coach, you can help clients to become free, release limitations, and open to enjoying new heights of achievement. You can teach them how to become true creators of their lives, rather than just reacting to outside forces.

YouTube Preview Image

A wonderful role of a holistic spiritual coach is the understanding that every individual is a special} spiritual being with greatness to share. There are no limits to what is possible and miraculous possibilities are all around each of us if we look closely enough to recognize them.

Inspired? Then you ll want to learn these tips.

Three Tips For Becoming a an Effective Holistic and/or Spiritual Coach

1. Acquire a variety of coaching methods. Don t try to get by with minimal skills. As recent scientific research has clearly shown, the infinite field of potential that connects us all transcends all limits. Our possibilities emerge as we let go of limiting ideas of our divine nature and what is possible for us. Becoming an effective holistic and spiritual coach includes discovering ways to let go of perceived limits and you ll need a wide range of transformational tools to become a valuable professional.

2. Include both coaching and healing in your practice. A holistic approach allows you to help clients both to open their minds to new ways of thinking and to eliminate the barriers that obstruct their paths. Everything flows more smoothly and life improves rapidly with this well rounded holistic approach. Tools like the EFT technique can take you years ahead and create tremendous changes in an amazingly short time.

3. For the greatest success, focus first on your development. The real truth is that you can t take others into places you haven t gone yourself. Take the opportunity to fully grasp what you are learning. The challenges you release to expand and grow build the foundation for working with others.

It is the expertise you develop and your presence that are of the greatest value to the people you serve as a holistic spiritual coach. Your firm belief in your unique ability to assist others is a necessity and transformational.

If this is important to you, take action now. Remember this final tip. One of the biggest hurdles people face is to delay living. The people who succeed with anything in life are the people who decide that this is their time with no excuses. And the most important point is that there isn t anybody who can do it for you. You alone can say This is my time. Today is my day, and become the change you want to see in the world.

About the Author: Looking for Holistic Spiritual Coaching Training and Certification?Start now with this article: “What is a Spiritual Coach?,” at

. While there, be sure to explore the Holistic Coaching and Healing Certification Program with EFT.


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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/AL-KY

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Alabama
  • 3 Alaska
  • 4 Arizona
  • 5 Arkansas
  • 6 California
  • 7 Colorado
  • 8 Connecticut
  • 9 Delaware
  • 10 District of Columbia
  • 11 Florida
  • 12 Georgia
  • 13 Hawaii
  • 14 Idaho
  • 15 Illinois
  • 16 Indiana
  • 17 Iowa
  • 18 Kansas
  • 19 Kentucky

Egypt protests: Army say they will not use force on demonstrators as Mubarak announces cabinet

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The president of Egypt has suffered a “devastating blow” after the country’s army announced they would not use force against their own people, who continue to protest against the government tonight. The news came hours after six journalists who reported on the protests were released from custody.

Hosni Mubarak yesterday announced a new cabinet, which does not include several figures who protesters largely do not approve of. Analysts have, however, suggested little had changed within the government; many positions, they say, are filled with military figures.

To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people … have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people.

In a statement broadcast on state media in Egypt, the army said: “To the great people of Egypt, your armed forces, acknowledging the legitimate rights of the people … have not and will not use force against the Egyptian people.” A BBC correspondent in Cairo said the announcement meant it “now seems increasingly likely that the 30-year rule of Mr Mubarak is drawing to a close.”

“The presence of the army in the streets is for your sake and to ensure your safety and wellbeing. The armed forces will not resort to use of force against our great people,” the statement added. “Your armed forces, who are aware of the legitimacy of your demands and are keen to assume their responsibility in protecting the nation and the citizens, affirms that freedom of expression through peaceful means is guaranteed to everybody.”

Earlier today, six journalists from the independent news network Al-Jazeera were released from custody after being detained by police. The U.S. State Department criticized the arrests; equipment was reportedly confiscated from the journalists.

Have you been affected in some way by this unrest? Tell us your thoughts.
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Egyptian officials yesterday ordered the satellite channel to stop broadcasting in the country. Al-Jazeera said they were “appalled” by the government’s decision to close its Egyptian offices, which they described as the “latest attack by the Egyptian regime to strike at its freedom to report independently on the unprecedented events in Egypt.”

In a statement, the news agency added: “Al-Jazeera sees this as an act designed to stifle and repress the freedom of reporting by the network and its journalists. In this time of deep turmoil and unrest in Egyptian society it is imperative that voices from all sides be heard; the closing of our bureau by the Egyptian government is aimed at censoring and silencing the voices of the Egyptian people.”

On Friday, Wikinews reported the government had shut off practically all Internet traffic both out of and into the nation, as well as disrupting cellphone usage. A spokesperson for the social networking website Facebook said “limiting Internet access for millions of people is a matter of concern for the global community.”

A reported 50,000 campaigners, who are demanding the long-time leader step down and complaining of poverty, corruption, and oppression, filled Tahrir Square in Cairo today, chanting “We will stay until the coward leaves.” It is thought 100 people have so far died in the demonstrations. Today there have been protests in Suez, Mansoura, Damanhour, and Alexandria.

Speaking to news media in the area, many protesters said the new cabinet did little to quell their anger. “We want a complete change of government, with a civilian authority,” one said. Another added: “This is not a new government. This is the same regime—this is the same bluff. [Mubarak] has been bluffing us for 30 years.”

In Tahrir Square today, protesters played music as strings of barbed wire and army tanks stood nearby. Demonstrators scaled light poles, hanging Egyptian flags and calling for an end to Mubarak’s rule. “One poster featured Mubarak’s face plastered with a Hitler mustache, a sign of the deep resentment toward the 82-year-old leader they blame for widespread poverty, inflation and official indifference and brutality during his 30 years in power,” one journalist in the square reported this evening.

Sell Your Second Hand Forklift Trucks At Best Price}

Sell your Second Hand Forklift Trucks at Best Price


YouTube Preview Image

Payal Gupta

Do you have the conviction you can sell your second hand forklift truck at a very affordable price? You feel you will get a good bargain for it and will not have to trouble yourself too much scouting for the right buyers? In case you have the wisdom and resourcefulness to pull off an act like this, well and good. In case you are a little incompetent in doing this, consider the following tip being mentioned and described below. The money comes pouring in and at the end, you feel very delighted with the bargain you get and seem to revel in it.

Warehouses are a good place where you stand a chance to strike a good bargain for second hand forklift trucks. Chances are definitely that your deal will do you good and ensure you sell well. These are the same places where the behemoth machines are driven around all the time and also where used fork lift truck servicing is a commonality. Warehouses are categorically meant for forklifts just like stables are for horses. Approach as many warehouses as you can and show the officials over there what your machine looks like. In case they like it, they will definitely give buying it a thought. Else, they will make their intentions pretty clear. Then you have those facilities and centers which auction second hand forklift trucks. The thing with such centers is they buy second hand forklift trucks and believe firmly in the process of used forklift truck servicing. They purchase used machines and put them through a mechanism where they get thoroughly cleansed. Embracing and adopting used forklift truck servicing ensures the machines are washed well and can be sold for a higher price than what it would have initially fetched had it been sold just like that. You can go to such outfits and talk to them about a potential sale. The price will definitely be good and you will be benefitted anyhow. Then you have recycling centers. What these centers do is they recycle the machine completely and turn it into something else. Second hand forklift trucks are what they buy and they recycle it in such a way that the machines are completely neutralized. They also do a lot of used forklift truck servicing before the machines get packed off for recycling. Once the servicing happens, the machines are sent to a facility where part by part the whole thing gets neutralized and turned into nothing. These are some of the many places where you can go and have a talk about your machines and whether you will potentially get a good deal for them or not. The machine, if in good condition, will by all definite means fetch you the price that interests you best. You will most probably get a good bargain and feel satisfied with what you receive. You will be the happiest to see your machines off after you are done rubbing your hands off them.

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