Virtual Pbx 5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have It

Virtual Pbx 5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have It

January 18, 2022

Submitted by: Titus Hoskins

A virtual PBX system is hosted online and offers many advantages over a more traditional system. PBX which stands for “Public Branch Exchange” is a common office feature found in most businesses and it is used to handle all your office communications. Online or virtual PBX is simply having all your internal/external phone communications hosted on the web.

In recent years, we have seen the steady rise in the number of companies, both big and small, who are switching over to these new web hosted services. Going with a virtual system does offer some distinct advantages, so here are five reasons why your company should consider using such a service.

1. Big Image/Small Company

Perhaps, one of the most significant reasons, you can project a BIG Company image with a virtual PBX service. You can have a complete phone answering service with auto-attendant, voicemail, call-forwarding, call conferencing, call controller and even professional greetings. Small companies and home based businesses can project a professional and sophisticated image to potential customers and clients. First impressions are extremely important for starting any business relationships and having a professional phone system will create that all important good first impression.


2. Cost

You can save on costs since such a PBX system is hosted online and you don’t need all the infrastructure or hardware of a regular system. Because it’s web based, it can be instantly set-up and you can have your service up and running within minutes. You can also take advantage of cheaper phone rates since most online phone and voip services are less expensive than ordinary phone services. Often these PBX providers also bundle other office communications such as online fax services so you really can save more money on the day-to-day costs of running your office or business.

3. Convenience

Again, since this is an online service it is completely portable and available wherever you have Internet access and these days that’s just about everywhere on the planet. This offers great convenience to any one running a business or company. Most systems will also have voicemail with email delivery and such features as call forwarding with FindMe/FollowMe, so you are constantly connected with your business or company no matter where you are located. This is great for home offices and for when you’re traveling.

4. Internet/Computer Based

You can’t overlook the fact that these PBX services are Internet and computer based; bringing your office operations into the modern computer age. It ties your company into the whole “wired” universe and makes it extremely easy for customers and clients to find your business.

5. Competitiveness

Another aspect that also can’t be overlooked is competitiveness. If your business earnings depends heavily on fast quick communications with your clients and customers, then having an online PBX service will make your company more competitive. It can help boost your sales and increase your company’s productivity. In this extremely competitive business environment, your company needs any advantage it can muster in order to survive and compete.

As you can see from above, using a virtual PBX system does have many advantages and benefits. It truly can give the smallest business that Big company look and feel. It can be cost-effective and make your office communications completely mobile and accessible from just about anywhere. And if you’re operating in a highly competitive business environment, using virtual PBX is the only way to proceed.

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