The Effectiveness Of Paid Domain Parking

The Effectiveness Of Paid Domain Parking

March 6, 2021

Submitted by: Tony Shapiro

Passive Income?

In terms of revenue, some domains are clearly better than others for attracting visitors and subsequently, click-through rates. When you consider that most paid domain parkingcompanies don t charge for paid domain parkingthen really, your only outlay is the cost of registering your domain: the rest is profit. Not all domain names are suitable for paid domain parking or, at least, it s not so much they are unsuitable rather than they are just too close to trademarks or are simply too generic. Some of your domains are clearly going to do better than others. There could be a variety of reasons for this either the keywords were too generic, thereby having to share similar traffic amongst a large number of sites; or the quality of the site could be better, either in terms of aesthetics or in terms of content.

How Much Revenue per Click?


The rate per click is not a lot: invariably around $0.25 per click. You would need to have quite a number of domain names registered to make an acceptable living from small sums like this. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the Domainers are doing: registering hundreds, if not thousands, of domain names, paid domain parkingthem and relying on each one bringing in a little bit in click-through revenue: after all, it all mounts up you multiply $0.25 by just 1,000 clicks and you will be paid $250 for doing nothing more than registering a number of domain names and paid domain parkingthem.


Search engine optimisation can take a while to set up properly but, even some optimisation will result in a few clicks as long as you have sufficient traffic. Paid domain parkingreally doesn t bring in much revenue per domain name, as well as taking a while for your site to be fully optimised. Paying an expert to fully optimise your domain will probably be money well spent unless you are particularly adept at doing this yourself. Needless to say, even Domainers with hundreds of domain names often find that some of their sites are better optimised than others and, as the luck of the draw would have it, much of their revenue is generated from a handful of domains while the others are simply sitting in the wings .

Is Paid domain parkingWorthwhile?

It is possible to earn money from paid domain parkingbut, in order to do so, you do need to have a suitable domain name. You can either think a domain name up or register this as a completely new domain name or you can purchase a previously registered domain name and have it re-registered to you. Either way, to make money, you do need to choose wisely and not be fooled into the purchase of a blacklisted domain: this will not do you any favours because your presence on the Web is determined by your domain name, not by any other means [unless you are particularly famous!] There is nothing magical about cash parking. Once you have registered your site and placed it with a paid domain parkingcompany, you are reliant on a third-party advertiser placing suitable advertising on your web page.

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