The Bathroom Remodeling Revolution

The Bathroom Remodeling Revolution

June 25, 2021

Submitted by: Pery Pen

Wait, I have a question. Is this art only applicable, or rather popular, in certain areas? No, really. I m just wondering. Bathroom remodeling is a very creative not to mention enjoyable endeavor. Why is it not practiced everywhere? Why do people put up with the regular, ordinary, white tiles and four-cornered monotony they call a bathroom?

\What? So only people in New York or Los Angeles can experiment with bathroom designs? I don t think so. I think people from the fifty states can experiment with their bathrooms in whichever way they want. Let s say, in Springfield, Virginia, perhaps. It s even more fun in Virginia, you see. The households there can do a whole lot of different concept remodeling. They have a very rich history with the war heroes like Robert Lee and the Confederates and the Civil War. They can come up with a whole eighteenth century setup for all I care. It all boils down to their creativity.


What I m trying to say is that not because your address is Springfield, Virginia 22150, you can t make your bathroom elaborate or grand or quirky even. Owning a remodeled bathroom gives a sense of accomplishment. You ve done something to beautify your house that s just awesome! Now, I know you expect me to say renovate the rest of your house as well. But I m not going to say that here. Let s just focus on your remodeling.

You might not know this, but bathroom remodeling is also hard even on its own. Sure, you have experts to do all the hard stuff for you. But the choices are still yours to decide. It s a hard job on its own, so you better take it seriously. One wrong move, one off decision and your vision for your bathroom is ruined.

As emphasized earlier, this creative endeavor should be everywhere. Enough of white, square tiles. Enough of the four-corner box clich . Enough of one-sink, two-faucet, one-shower setup. Enough of the monotony! This calls for a bathroom remodeling revolution. I m not kidding. Our bathrooms can have a little more than these typical, everyday fixtures.

Our bathrooms deserve better. Look. Only our bathrooms know what personal crap we do with our bodies. It s all a secret between you and the bathroom. Don t you want to make it up to your bathroom for keeping whatever personal secrets you have? Of course, bathrooms can t talk, but come on. You know you still owe it.

So, what do you say? Whether you re in New York or Los Angeles or Virginia or Texas, recreating your bathroom will certainly fill the gap in your home improvement. Never mind the hard work. Best efforts are really needed for the ultimate result. Bathroom remodeling should be the new trend in home improvement, given all the creative brain juices you can release just by planning like an entire concept bathroom. So, are you ready to answer the call? Are you in with the bathroom remodeling revolution? Heck, do I even have to ask? Come on, my friend. Let s get this party started.

About the Author: Pery Pen is a bathroom remodeler in Springfield, Virginia. Know more about bathroom remodeling Springfield, VA here.


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