Nutrition Bars For Everyday Use

Nutrition Bars For Everyday Use

March 17, 2023

Submitted by: Michael Farin

It wasn t that long ago that most nutrition bars were marketed for niche use. You had one kind of bar that was specially for weight training and another that was for long-distance runners and so on. Like most industries, nutrition bars have evolved a great deal from where they were a decade ago. Now, protein bars are perfect for every day use, no matter what it is that you are doing. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can enjoy delicious and nutritious energy bars.

Meal replacement

There is no denying the fact that many of us work too hard. One side effect of working too hard is that we eat terrible food. We grab a burger there is a slice of greasy pizza because we can eat it on the run. Instead of fattening up on food that is going to expand your waste line, grab a nutrition bar. While nothing really substitutes a healthy meal, a protein bar is a much better meal replacement option than either going hungry or fast food. They are chock full of vitamins, minerals and protein.


Workout boost

Most folks know that a protein bar before or after your workout can help you add muscle and recover quicker from your workout, but you may benefit the most from having a nutrition bar during your workout, as well. If you plan on working out for more than an hour, consider stopping half way through and having a snack. Working out puts a huge strain on your body and you need the extra calories if you are trying to build muscle. Try having one flavour before your workout and a different one during to mix things up.

Tasty snack

Ten years ago, if you had suggested having a nutrition bar as an every day snack, you would of gotten some odd looks. This was because, back then, protein bars just didn t taste very good. What a difference a few years make. Most protein bars now rival candy bars in flavour, texture and overall experience. Chocolate nutrition bars now actually taste like delicious chocolate instead of some poor imitation. Not only do nutrition bars taste better, they are a much better snack than candy or even a piece of fruit. You get balanced nutrition and a boost of energy that isn t followed by a crash.

Mid-day pick-me-up

Speaking of energy, there is a reason why they are called energy bars. That boost of energy doesn t come from chemicals or caffeine, it comes from proper nutrition. We all get the mid-day blahs at work and most of us simply head to the coffee maker for another cup of java. Instead of riding the caffeine train, grab an energy bar and give your body an all-natural boost. Many of the top brands are organic which means you are fuelling your body with ingredients you can pronounce, not chemicals. Nutrition bars are a great way to stay healthy no matter what your plans for the day are.

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