How An Attorney Can Help With Workmans Comp In Pennsylvania

How An Attorney Can Help With Workmans Comp In Pennsylvania

November 2, 2022


Getting Workman’s comp in Pennsylvania is supposed to be simple. Theoretically, a worker can successfully apply without a lawyer’s help. However, worker’s comp is like other government initiatives: it’s confusing and complex. Most employees need help during a claim, and hiring an attorney early can prevent future problems. Below are several good reasons to hire a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Low Initial Investment, Low Risk

Most attorneys offer free or low-cost consultations. That means an injured worker can make an appointment and get some basic legal advice without worrying about the cost. With a free consultation, there’s almost no risk on the client’s part.

Preventing Claim Denials

Although it’s possible to appeal a denied claim, it’s easier to do the job right on the first try. To get a claim for Workman’s comp in Pennsylvania approved, the employee must submit certain documents, meet deadlines and offer prompt responses to requests. When a lawyer is in charge, the case is more likely to go smoothly, and the client has a greater chance of getting the benefits they need.

Cutting Through the Red Tape

Anyone who’s ever done their own taxes knows how lengthy and complicated government forms can be. In many cases, the language on these forms is deceptively complex, and like tax documents, worker’s comp claim forms use the language of bureaucracy. A worker’s compensation lawyer can cut through the legalese and explain things in terms the client can understand.

Claims Experience

Worker’s compensation lawyers have significant claims experience, which they can use to help current clients. A lawyer should be able to answer the client’s questions quickly and easily, and they should focus on providing the necessary documentation. However, if a claim is postponed, an attorney can help when the insurer requests additional information or files an objection. If the claim is denied, the attorney can help during the appeals process.

While most people assume worker’s compensation is a straightforward process, it can be confusing to the average worker. When a person is hurt on the job, and the claim is in dispute, an attorney with can help them work within the system to get the benefits they deserve.