A Brief Look Into The Development Of Marijuana Delivery App

A Brief Look Into The Development Of Marijuana Delivery App

April 10, 2023

Every app has to be developed with the most care in designing and making it more efficient. When it comes to Marijuana delivery on-demand apps you need to take extra care. It involves some legal aspects and you will need to offer that the user wants in the marijuana delivery. You have decided to do this online business. But you have no idea about its insights? Here is a brief guide about what you gotta do to develop a MedicalMarijuana Delivery App.

As said earlier, the development of the app needs some legal expertise so as to ensure that you follow the rules perfectly.

While developing the app is on one side, on the other side you need to choose which platform you are going to launch your app on. Whether an iOS or Android or both. There may be changes in the features between them. So choose carefully.

The development approach:

The project will be clear only when the approach is clear. So the approach should be taken care of carefully.

  • Software development kit
  • Getting e-prescriptions after consulting the doctor
  • ECommerce
  • Verification of identity
  • Order deliveries
  • Integration of Payment gateways
  • Integration of map
  • Push Notifications/SMS

e-Prescription API:

Choosing an e-prescription software with prescribed features may let the doctor offer an electronic prescription.

The platform should offer features like creating a new prescription, medical history, and medical reconciliations.

Identity verification is the most important step to robust the regulation of the industry.

  • The first step involves the verification of digital identity, verification of group identity, and also documentation verification.
  • Access API
  • Have the use of EPCS physician identity verification.

Once the verifications are done, the eCommerce integration is a must for users to manage their shopping activities like the catalog, user login, cart, etc. along with multiple payment gateway options, ratings and reviews return policies.


With all the basic overview, we could see that it takes a lot of effort for theMarijuana Delivery app development.But they can also be made easier by getting in touch with an expert team of developers like Appdupe. They offer you scripts that can be easily launched with just some tiny additional features to make it unique at an affordable price. Hurry !!