Why A Penis Health Cr Me Is Truly Man S Best Friend

Why A Penis Health Cr Me Is Truly Man S Best Friend

May 14, 2023

Submitted by: J Dugan

For most men, penis care is fairly limited, consisting of regular showers, protection during intimate encounters, and the occasional dollop of lube or lotion during solo sessions. But men who do more for their penis can experience all sorts of benefits, ranging from better disease fighting ability to better sensation to better performance. In fact, the right penis health cr me may be so helpful and so vital in terms of a man’s penis care regimen that they can truly turn out to be a man s best friend. Here are just some of the things that a specially formulated penile cream has to offer.

1. Targeted penis nutrition. Like the rest of the body, the penis requires the right nutrients to stay healthy and function at its best. However, eating for the penis is difficult, as there’s a long road between a man’s mouth and his junk. All of the nutrients a guy crushes between his teeth need to make the circuit through the body, and the conscious brain has no control over where the nutrients might land. If those nutrients get earmarked by the digestive system for other parts of the body, the jewels might get short shrift in the nutrition department.

Applying a nutrient rich lotion is another story, as it is applied directly to the targeted area. Once it is massaged into the skin, it takes only moments for them to begin penetrating the outer dermal layers and delivering vitamins and minerals where they are needed. Unlike nutrients that are delivered orally, none of these are eliminated through the digestive tract, either, so a man won’t flush away his progress. Instead, he’ll get the help he needs where he needs it.

2. Improved Sensitivity

The ability to enjoy sex is deeply dependent on a man’s ability to feel every sensation, no matter how subtle. The more he can feel, the more he can respond, and the more pleasurable the whole event is for everyone involved. A product made just for the intimate skin that covers a man’s precious inches can make this sensation easier to feel.


Products like this can:

Soften skin

Nourish the penile nerve cells

Support adequate blood flow

Minimize keratinization of the outer dermal layer

All of these factors could be vital in the development of a patch of skin that’s just humming with life, waiting to respond.

3. Better Performance

Sex is a head game, and feeling confident and attractive is half the battle. Men who have a Johnson that’s supple, strong and healthy just know that they’ll be able to bring about some happy screaming in their partners, and they just can’t wait to show off what they have to offer. On the other hand, blotchy skin, fishy smells and a rough, dry appearance can all conspire to make a man feel inferior, and if he feels as though he’ll disappoint, he’s more than likely to do so.

Boosting performance is tricky, but sometimes, just changing the way a man thinks about his penis can do wonders. Setting aside a little time each day to clean and nourish the area can also provide a man with the opportunity to track his healing, and as he gets better, his confidence might grow. When he hops into the sack after treating his manhood with a penis cr me, he might be able to deliver a performance of a lifetime, and he might be ready to repeat that performance in all the days that follow.

All of these benefits begin with the regular application of a quality penis health cr me (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). This product can be used once or even twice daily, and it should be applied to skin that’s both clean and dry. It should never be used as a personal lubricant, but should be considered a vital, and even a lovable, part of a man’s secret personal care regimen.

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