What Are Auditory Processing Disorders?

What Are Auditory Processing Disorders?

August 8, 2023

APD can affect people of any age. It usually begins in childhood, but some people get it later in life. It affects between 2% and 7% of children, with boys being more likely than girls to have it. Because the disease can cause academic difficulties, children with it may require more support in school.

APD isn’t the same as hearing loss or a learning disability. It means that your brain does not “hear” noises in the way it normally does. It’s not a matter of comprehending the meaning. A person with APD, for example, may have difficulty distinguishing between the sounds of a bat and a cat. In some cases, most words can also be scrambled when heard, making the person unable to exactly comprehend and process the words.

Other things that elicit similar symptoms could be associated with APD. In fact, it could be one of the causes of dyslexia in some people. Furthermore, some specialists believe that youngsters may be classified as having ADHD when they actually have APD.

APD can influence your child’s ability to read, write, and spell, as well as the way they talk. They might omit word endings or mix up similar sounds. It can also be difficult for them to communicate with others. They might not be capable of processing what others are saying quickly enough to respond.

It is unknown what causes APD. However, the issues affect people of all ages and in various ways. Common symptoms include failing to pay attention to what people are saying, not recognizing the source of a sound, being unable to listen to music, and comprehending what people are saying when engaged in a conversation. So, if they don’t understand, they could respond in unexpected ways.

The reason for APD in children is frequently unknown. Children with head trauma, lead poisoning, seizure disorder, or recurrent ear infections are thought to be at a higher risk. There may be multiple causes in some cases. APD is a contentious topic. Experts disagree about whether it is a disorder in and of itself, and there are several definitions. However, the phrase is still in use, and the challenges are very real.

The first step in determining whether or not you have APD is to rule out hearing loss. Professionals in the medical field are usually capable of doing so. Audiologists, on the other hand, conduct APD testing. The audiologist will conduct a series of sophisticated listening tests in which your child will be exposed to a variety of sounds and respond accordingly. They could, for example, repeat them or press a button. The doctor may also place non-painful electrodes in your child’s ears and head to assess how their brain responds to sound, and, accordingly, prescribehearing aids in Sri Lanka.

Speech therapy is the most common treatment for APD. If the child has a language issue, the school may provide free therapy. However, speech-language therapists in clinics or in medical clinics are also available. The earlier you begin treatment, the better. There is no cure for APD, and treatment is tailored to the individual. However, it usually concentrates on certain areas, such as alterations to the physical surroundings to improve the listening environment, individualized treatments, and help for non-listening symptoms that are managed by other professionals. Many places provide services for hearing aids in Maharagama, and the hearing aid price in Sri Lankais guaranteed to be affordable.

Individualized therapy is a key aid in the development of a child’s auditory pathway. The audiologist would typically recommend them based on the findings of a child’s exams and concerns, and sometimes prescribe hearing aids for better assistance. Children with APD can benefit from a variety of computer-assisted programs. They primarily help the brain process sounds in a noisy environment. These programs are available at some schools. If your child has APD, check with the school to see what choices are accessible, and use the hearing aid service online in Sri Lanka to get the best of the options available.