Lenovo Think Pad W700ds Laptop Computer Assessment

Lenovo Think Pad W700ds Laptop Computer Assessment

June 14, 2023

Submitted by: Sukey Fiann

What can one particular expect from Lenovo’s ThinkPad W700ds? With a price tag that averages $4,000, the ThinkPad W700ds is not what somebody would take into account appealing. Many would balk at its astonishingly superior price tag. Nevertheless, it features of cutting edge functions and capabilities. Let us locate out what they are and judge for ourselves.Specifications:CPU: one.six-GHz Intel Atom RAM: two GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067MHz SODIMM Memory (one DIMM) Display Dimensions: 17″ WUXGA 400NIT TFT+10.6″WXGA+ TFT Running Technique: Real Windows Vista Company Battery Daily life: two hours Graphics: NVIDIA FX3700MPros:The Lenovo W700ds has functions that no other laptop computer has. Connected to its nametag is “ds,” which means the Lenovo W700ds has a dual-screen ability. A single can also swap to single-screen mode, if desired.Certainly, comfort is Lenovo’s middle title. The Lenovo W700ds features of comfort, some thing that customers search for. Its keyboard is hugely responsive and requires minimal work to press. All round, the keyboard is very good.This laptop computer can be thought to be a graphic artist’s dream. The W700ds has a digitizer, generating it very helpful for these artist sorts. The nifty digitizer feature makes it possible for one particular to easily draw digital art. Digital signatures can also be produced, so online transactions would be fairly straightforward.The W700ds’ biggest feature is its much-out display functions. The display addresses about 72 % of the colors in Adobe’s RGB space and the colors are also very vibrant. Observing films or viewing pictures can blow one’s mind out with its exceptional coloration top quality.Cons:Whilst the dual-screen feature is one particular of Lenovo’s best assets, this feature also presents some negatives. This secondary screen is more compact in dimension in contrast to the main monitor and it does not have the capabilities of the main screen. This would lead one particular to doubt the usefulness of the dual screen feature. What comes to our mind is that the secondary display is helpful as a docking place for toolbars even though one particular can use the primary monitor as the workspace.Whilst the digitizer is useful, the pen serves as a discouraging factor. And it’s supposed to be an artist’s laptop computer. The pen is fairly small, not perfect for big hands. If you still want this laptop computer, just purchase a stylus instead of using the default pen. An additional disadvantage is the small touchpad. It is straightforward to use but it requires awhile to get utilised to.Summary:Graphic designers and other artistic professions would gain enormously from the Lenovo W700ds. Even if the price tag is very steep, the functionality of this netbook would outweigh any negatives. The price tag tag is regrettable but it’s probable that artists who do purchase this laptop computer would not be disappointed with its functionality and further functions


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