Set Your Course For Outdoor Skills}

Set Your Course for Outdoor Skills


toni39xzIf you love the outdoors and you want a career working with people, instructing them in the sports and activities you love, you have a grand opportunity with The Manor House Outdoor Instructor Course. There is nothing better than doing something you love and helping others to love it, too, and being an outdoor instructor combines these loves into a career with unlimited possibilities. Before you become a certified instructor, you need to have a thorough understanding of the skills you would teach and you must be proficient at both the skill and the teaching of it. The Manor House course is one of the best offerings at teaching you both how to manage a skill for yourself as well as how to instruct others. During this 16 week intensive training course, you will learn and develop your skill level at activities including climbing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sea kayaking, beach lifeguard skills, canoeing, mountain skills and navigation, and first aid. This line-up provides nearly every aspect of outdoor course instructor training you would need to be a skilled and valuable operator for any outdoor activity program you’d care to be a part of anywhere in the world. In addition to the physical skills training provided, you will get additional soft skills training that is only offered by The Manor House course. These soft skills help you learn to manage people which is an important aspect of what you want to do in your career as an instructor. No other outdoor instructor courses around offer these soft people skills, and the inclusion of them in The Manor House course has proved invaluable for those who have graduated and gone into their careers. The fee for this additional training is included in the overall instructor course fee. Your course also includes accommodation for the length of the course with exception of a two-week Christmas break, and equipment which will be yours to keep after graduation – appropriate fees for both are added to tuition. Additional to the outdoor instructor course, The Manor House offers a holiday activity that has become quite popular and has enjoyed many repeat customers and that is their fabulous Hen parties. Utilizing a weekend B&B format, hen parties at The Manor House are occasion for celebration as you and your girlfriends come together to enjoy each other’s company as well as that of the wonderful accommodations at The Manor House. You can keep it as simple as meeting up, staying over and using the wonderful pool on the property along with a well-prepared meal, or you can do it up lavish with a champagne opener, spa treatments and massage, full meals along with a traditional Cornish High Cream Tea, and more. The area around The Manor House offers many activities and outing opportunities for you and the girls to enjoy as you make memories that last a lifetime while cementing your friendship. Hen parties are perfect as pre-wedding, bachelorette gatherings letting the girls enjoy the bride-to-be’s last days of singlehood. No matter which you want to pursue – a career as an outdoor instructor, or a hen party with the girls, The Manor House has the package that’s right for you.

The Manor House offers the most comprehensive

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outdoor instructor courses

you can take for your career as well as relaxing

Hen parties

for the girls – click or call for more information.

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