Indigenous Australians told to “wash for fuel”

Thursday, December 9, 2004

MULAN, WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Under a draft plan of the Australian Federal Government’s “mutual obligation” agreements, members of the Aboriginal community Mulan in Western Australia will be obliged to ensure that homes and yards are clean, students attend school, rubbish bins are emptied twice a week and that children undertake frequent facewashing.

As a “quid pro quo” the community will receive $172,000 AUD in federal funding for petrol bowsers and fuel stations, while the Western Australian Government will provide regular testing for skin infections, worm infestations and the eye condition trachoma, which is widespread in Mulan.

Community administrator Mark Sewell approached Wayne Gibbons, a former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission chief executive, to initate an agreement four months, once it became clear that the face-washing program at the Mulan Catholic school was having a positive effect. The program, which has been running for eighteen months, has reduced the levels of trachoma among students from 80% to 16%.

Presently, the residents of Mulan must drive 44km to the nearby community of Balgo for fuel.

Acting race discrimination commissioner, Tom Calma, has approved the deal, despite concerns from members of the Mulan community. Aboriginal lawyer and land rights activist Michael Mansell claimed that placing conditions on funding is unlawful and unenforceable. The government proposal has been widely labelled as ‘humiliating’ to the community.

Make A Wise Investment In Kit Homes

Make a Wise Investment in Kit Homes



Your home is among your most important life investments. With the current state of the economy, a lot of people think it would be quite impossible to build their dream house. However, there are actually a lot of ways you can explore to make the most of building your dream house without exhausting your savings or investing all your financial resources in the process. You can start by checking out kit home designs you can easily find here.

So, why settle for kit homes? A lot of people these days are investing in kit homes because they are considered more cost-effective. For one, different designs are available so you can have more freedom to choose home kits that are well suited to your needs. You can also check out different kit homes that are made according to the specific preferences of the owner. You can find companies or agencies offering full customization services to better serve their clients.

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As stated earlier, kit homes are considered more cost-effective. This is great because you can save a lot of money by investing in these DIY kit homes. Since the plan is ready-made, all you need to do is to follow the instructions given. That will surely be a lot cheaper than hiring a professional planner and builder to help you in planning and constructing your home. The list of all the materials needed is also included, apart from the comprehensive diagrams and instructions. Aside from the detailed instruction manual, many agencies and kit home companies also go as far as helping you secure necessary permits. You can enlist their help when it comes to securing different documentations you ll need in constructing your home. Find out more about top kit home companies from this website.

Apart from cost-effectiveness, kit homes are also made to be environment-friendly. Materials listed in the construction manuals are recyclable steel materials or treated timber woods. In addition, a lot of kit home designs today also comply with highly recommended energy-efficient ratings. The materials needed are ensured to provide efficient energy consumption, excellent ventilation, as well as ideal lighting and insulation conditions.

Despite the proven benefits of kit homes, choosing one is still a source of confusion for many aspiring homeowners. Since your home will be one of your vital investments, it just makes sense to be thorough when exploring available options and making a decision. Below are some tips you can consider when searching for kit homes.

Before you go searching for kit homes, it would be wise to consider your living environment. Consider the features of your living quarters and start envisioning a house that would be ideal in it. Also, make it a point to consider unplanned modifications in the future. It would be practical to leave some room for improvement in case you want to expand or make changes afterwards.

As stated earlier, it would be wise to choose a kit home design that is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Apart from convenience purposes, this will also help you save more money in the process. Make sure you choose a design that can maximize natural ventilation and lighting conditions so you can save on electricity and make your house comfortable to live in at the same time.

Consider the materials you ll need for your home project. Take into account if your place is prone to flooding or other natural problems like termite infestation and pest damage. Take into consideration the type of materials that would be highly ideal to the type of environment you live in. You can get more info about kit homes if you click and view homepage of this site.

Kit homes are worthy investments because they are cost-effective and can also save you a lot of time and effort building your dream house. With easy-to-follow DIY instructions and comprehensive home-building diagrams, investing in a kit home is surely ideal for many aspiring homeowners. Find out more about different available designs by visiting a kit home company online.

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